If you would like the opportunity to join the Emmaus Sheffield community, applications are considered via a referral process. The process involves the completion of a referral form which is then sent to the Community Leader and their team. 


Emmaus Sheffield will not discriminate on the grounds of a person’s past life beyond the extent that is necessary to control, as far as is reasonably practicable, the risk to which the potential Companion, other Companions, staff, volunteers and any other visitor to the premises are exposed.


An access procedure (needs, risk and referral assessment) is in place in order to determine whether it is appropriate for a person to be welcomed to the Community at any given time.


The following is taken into account:

  • Accommodation availability - A suitable room must be available for every person before they join the Community
  • Financial needs - The Community needs to be able to financially support every Companion
  • Support needs - Emmaus Sheffield must be confident that they are able to deliver a person’s support needs
  • Health needs - Emmaus Sheffield is not a healthcare organisation and cannot provide the necessary services for anyone who is unable to look after their own health needs
  • Mental Health needs - Emmaus Sheffield cannot meet the needs of anyone with severe mental health issues
  • Addiction issues - Emmaus Sheffield is not in a position to welcome anyone who is actively dependant on drugs or alcohol and is reluctant to change. However Emmaus Sheffield welcomes people who have successfully completed a detox and rehab programme
  • Relationships with present Companions - It may not be appropriate to accept a person if there is a history of disruption connected with an existing Companion


Once the access procedure is completed the management team will determine whether Emmaus Sheffield is a suitable community for the applicant. If Emmaus Sheffield cannot meet the need or the risk posed is too high, then every effort will be made to signpost to more appropriate organisations.

You can download a referral form here:

Self Referral

Agency Referral

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