Gary's Story

8th September 2018

From a young age, Gary was in a school for special educational needs, he did not interact well with anyone and left school with few prospects. When he was 21 his dad died, a devastating blow, after this Gary spiralled into a life of drug misuse, leading to homelessness. 

He applied to Emmaus Sheffield 3 years ago; when he first arrived Gary would barely speak to anyone. Our Support Workers spent a great deal of time with him, eventually finding out that he has a passion for computers. Emmaus Sheffield runs an eBay shop, this is where Gary found his niche. Initially he would assist a member of staff with basic tasks, but it wasn’t long before that passion for computers and, as it turned out, photography took over.

Gary now runs the eBay shop himself, dealing with all aspects, including talking to lots of customers!

Gary has also recently become the star of the Emmaus Sheffield poster campaign, his friendly face will be well known around Sheffield!

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